Bizideo Communities can easily be customized for niche audiences. With Bizideo's easy drag and drop video website builder no programming knowledge is required.
It's Time To Upgrade From YouTube.
Create specific communities of special interest and easily identify the best videos from each community using Bizideo's Lift algorithm, to be displayed on the national community site.
Control your content with no spam or off topic video or other content. Bizideo's content approval and workflow system makes sure you don't get any inappropriate content.
Control multiple communities from a single platform
Smart content monetization options
Easily share videos across communities
Dynamic and robust video tagging system
Mass customization of videos
Quickly add branding elements to your videos
Manage content across multiple third party sites
Customizable templates for videos, channels, landing pages, websites and communities
Its time to start thinking about how you manage video in a whole new way.
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Video Management, Website Management, Enterprise Management, all in one.

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Bizideo was created with "business video" in mind, to help individuals, companies and organizations
engage with targeted audiences while retaining control of their video and other content.

Are you tired of inappropriate content showing up next to your videos? Are you tired of advertising that has no relevance to your content? Are you tired of your competitors' videos being suggested after yours? Do you want a private YouTube, totally within your control? A place where you control the content, where you can give different users the access you want them to have? A place where you can approve content that is uploaded before it goes live? A place where you control blogging, comments, and social media? A place where you earn money from your content from day one?

Bizideo's powerful community-driven cloud platform allows you to upload, manage, and distribute all types of content from video to social media. Bizideo's sophisticated controls allow you to determine how your content is presented and delivered. Bizideo not only gives you more comprehensive control over your video and other content, it also lets you easily manage content across your entire community network from one platform. That means you can control thousands of different video websites or communities from one point of control. From custom templates, smart video modernization tools and high quality analytics, Bizideo is a whole new way to deliver video.

There's a reason YouTube want's you to upload videos to their website. It's Valuable!
Take control of your content and how its used, managed and monetized.