Bizideo is a Minnesota-based tech company created by developers with more than 20 years of experience in the streaming media industry.

It all began with DayPort

A streaming video pioneer and seasoned entrepreneur, Bill Pelton has helped found a number of tech start ups including DayPort, which he helped grow into the market leader in video streaming management for broadcasters.

For over two decades, James has designed, built or managed custom content management systems. With an interdisciplinary M.Sc. in software engineering.

Bill Pelton, CEO

James Beal, Engineer


President Risdall Marketing Group & Leading Authority on Internet Marketing

Ted Risdall

Dick Kakeldey

Jones Magnus PA

Ron Laba

Partner Law Office of Ronald B. Laba

Co-Founder DayPort. Inc. Executive, FarmIntelligence2

Glenn Miller

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                       Prior to becoming Bizideo’s CEO, Bill Pelton founded the tech company DayPort.

DayPort eventually grew into one of the largest video streaming companies in the world for broadcast television networks. It served clients including CBS, Clear Channel, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, BSkyB and a host of other European broadcasters.

Bizideo marks the return to the idea that every website can become an interactive on demand TV station. Bizideo’s innovative new video management platform allows companies, organizations, and individuals to easily manage huge networks of interconnected video websites and communities.