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Schedule when your videos publish and deactivate ahead of time. By delivering timely, fresh content you are more likely to maintain your viewers and encourage users to check back often.Smart publishing tools that can be customized to your needs.Smart and flexible system reports that can handle more than just video views. Allowing you to learn what content is working and better understand your target audience.Resell your training and speaking videos to increase your revenue.Reach new students and audiences using mobile and web delivery of your learning materials, from video to downloadable documents.

Bizideo can help you deliver Pay Per View and Subscription based video. From helping you plug in your shopping cart, to helping you design playlists or subscription packages. We’ve helped clients deliver corporate and private subscriptions, fulfilling custom requirements from player pages to limited downloads and view checklists.

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Websites are a powerful communication tool; incorporating video from the start makes it even more powerful. Our Video and Mobile Website Wizard allows you to either start with a template or start from scratch. What sets our Video and Mobile Website Wizard apart from the competition is that it was created with video and media delivery in mind. This all in one solution allows you to manage your website, manage your videos and manage your mobile site all in one location. Unlike other services you can also start from the ground up, allowing you to create the site how you would like it.


Your company is defined to potential customers by your content. That is how they find you in a search and more importantly that is how you show them that you are the solution to their needs. To compete you need to go beyond just the written word, you need to appeal to as many of their senses as possible. Offering video, audio and downloadable documents helps you meet those needs. Not only can you tell them what you can do but you can show them through video, just hearing the sound of a human voice adds an emotional connection and being able to print out how you can help lets them physically touch your information.

By not controlling how your content is delivered you are compromising its presentation. Using video players boggled by third party logos and outside ads makes your content appear questionable. Users should be able to experience your message without leaving your site, without being distracted by outside influences you can’t control.

Bizideo allows you to not only deliver powerful content, but control it. Our players are free from our brand and can be styled to fit your company identity. From how the content is presented to how it behaves, you have the ability to control it all.

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Using video online can be a challenge, but making sure the right content reaches the right people can be a whole new challenge. Bizideo makes targeting your content easy by offering affordable solutions to help you make sure the people who want to see your content see it. With Bizideo you can target content delivery based on:

Let us help you get your content targeting planned out. Click the blue link to read more about our targeted video options. Or you can visit our Showcase to learn more about have targeted video delivery has helped our clients.


Bizideo Enterprise Solution is Fully Cross Platform
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